I’d like to co-op this https://medium.freecodecamp.com/start-2017-with-the-100daysofcode-improved-and-updated-18ce604b237b#.iv303bj6h

for my own purposes. Writing.

Because. What am I doing?

And why?

The point outlined in the post on freecodecamp is that we keep telling ourselves we want to be better. But we don’t put in the time, we don’t put out back into it. And time*time*effort (and yea, the tears) is the only way to get anywhere from no where. So what would my framework be, using the #100DaysOfCode challenge as a guideline?

  1. I will write at least an hour everyday.
  2. I will tweet my progress everyday. Since I don’t have a twitter account yet, I’ll have to create that at some point.
  3. Everything gets posted on this blog. That’s right. I’m letting go. I’ve spent these years pining for attention. Desperate for affirmation. Sending out stories and getting rejected. So let’s toss it all in the water. For these hundred days, everything gets posted live, as the time is up. This will make for some unevenness: stories won’t actually be finished, trains of thoughts will run off course and never make to the destination. Everything gets posted because:
    1. this blog is anonymous
    2. there’s some accountability then on my part
    3. most importantly: to stop thinking so much. This is training. A simulation.



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