No Sleep Till … ?

At least the Beastie Boys had some end in sight. My 5 month old just cried himself to sleep (it’s 11:05am, cst) and as has been grilled into me this week, there is no evidence that he will take a good, hearty nap, awake refreshed, and in the meantime, give me a much needed break. Last week he did, and if I remember correctly, each day I was able to write for an hour without interruption. This week I have not had a full, uninterrupted hour to give to this blog.

Also at night he wakes and stays awake. Since we live in tight corridors, it is not entirely possible for me just to let him cry it out in the middle of the night–nor am I sure I am ready for that. So my husband and I split the duty, walking him, rocking him, watching tv, and waiting for him to go back to sleep, which takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a solid two hours. As we are old parents (late 30s!) losing this much sleep takes a hefty toll on us.


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