pitchforks (story idea)

listening to terri gross segment on survivalist in silcon valley and imagining a story: one of these people, rich enough and smart enough to prepare for collapse, being presented with the problem of helping people after the whatever disaster has happened. It’s not a story I’ve seen depicted, except years ago in a story that took place in a world where only children survive. In that book, the question of who gets what and how do you lead and protect only got asked towards the end, when the main character has a building with lots of kids and she is trying to feed and lead them. in a partial way this question gets raised in Defiance, although again, the story moves away from an actual investigation into the question because it had traditional notion of heroism. and the answer to who do you save and how, if asked in fact, could, no, WILL, be a troubling one.

you know what, I bet it gets asked in that zombie show (Whose name escapes me at the moment). I’ve watched enough season as it is, and I’m pretty sure that the answer in that show is that good guys look out for each other. but I’m really asking a different one. ¬†especially because the in the scenerio as I imagine it, someone does have resources.


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