counter argument to obsessively thinking about the act of creation

having just yesterday posted about all my goals and projects, of which I have many, today I’ll pose the counter argument which is: maybe it’s just enough to bring write for that hour. forget trying to proactively study structure and characterization and voice. forget seeking out specific types of writing (Black authors, speculative feminist authors). just write. just work on making that a habit, in learning how to do it and how to keep on doing it. that’s enough.

I still remember seeing “Tiny Furniture” Lena Dunham’s first full length film and thinking, this is pretty shitty. I like her, I saw her early early work way before she was famous and thought she was brilliant back then. The movie disappointed me for various reasons, mostly because I’d seen her do much better work. But the biggest kicker of all to me was that she would shoot scenes from just one angle. And you’d hang out at the angle for the whole scene. And often the angle sucked, was just plainly a terrible choice and there’s no cut away and no back and forth. And it struck me how much time I had spent sitting around planning shot lists, how much time and brain energy I had spent thinking about innovative (ha) shots, the best shots for conveying a scene, how those shot would fit into an overall story. You know, film school bullshit. And I have no reel. All that time, and I’m not the one with a full length movie. And I’m definitely not the one with a hit show that borders on a movement. I admire her on many different levels, and I don’t want to make a fake comparison between her and I, except to the point that she just created and stopped (obviously) worrying about how the creation came out.


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