Jews and White Women

I saw a flyer that states, “Ending White Privilege … Starts with Ending Jewish Privilege.” The question “Is the 1% straight, white men or is the 1% Jewish?” hovers midpage.

There’s too much stacked into this for me to unpack.*

Because my real point for this post is something else.

The other day Trevor Noah said, “when one white woman gets fired, another gets hired.” It’s an uncomfortable line to hear. It’s hard for me not think about Samantha Bee in this image.


Because I’ve been a gentrifier and a snowflake for most of my adult life, I do get the animosity. And I’m cool, to a degree, because I get privilege, and I get that I got it. I get that making fun of white women is kind of like making fun of Brits or Germans: the feeling is, we had it coming.


The thing is white men hate us just as much as everyone else.

The thing is what white women, like Jews, are all too easy a punching bag.

The thing is that there’s a difference: Brits and Germans don’t get the shit beaten out of them for being Brits and Germans. But women do. And being a white women doesn’t mean you not are abused by your domestic partner, it doesn’t mean you don’t get sexually assaulted and it doesn’t mean social services or the police will give a shit.

If Noah regularly made comments about white men, I wouldn’t think so much about this. But he doesn’t. He refers to whiteness generally, and then white women as a group.

Like a recent article on NPR which denounced the women’s march as “white women” thing, I hear, but am also frustrated by the critique. White feminists have been unbelievably shitty.

If I felt hat being called out as a Jew or a white women were simply the downside of getting some privilege, I’d say, yep, that’s true, and call it a day. But instead it seems more like drawing out the weaker member of a tribe. Instead of attacking whoever is in power, the attack is made to someone adjacent to power.


the image above is used without permission. but nobody reads this blog anyway.

A few links:

Negroes Are Anti-Semitic Because They’re Anti-White: if you haven’t read this, do. Baldwin describes, far better than I can the relationship between blacks and Jews. Of course he does.

And here’s a link to the poster. I can’t vouch for the article, because this is not where I saw the poster and am only using it to show the poster.


*Possibly for the first time upon seeing a hate poster, I was genuinely curious for more information. I’m dying to know if the creators of the flyer are white people who feel the 1% should only be other white people, or people of color who feel that the 1% should only be white people. Either way, how exactly are they planning to end Jewish privilege? There isn’t a link or any further information on the poster, save two references to research.

I’m not sure that “ending white privilege” is an actual goal. At least what I am familiar with is evening the floor, so that other groups are not discriminated against and, instead, receive some benefit (affirmative action, etc) that would help compensate for the discrimination. White privilege, as I am familiar with it, is a paradigm for people to understand the structure of the world. I’m for ending it … but … since much of white privilege happens because of what’s in people’s head [ie, white person hires another white person because of a positive bias to people of the perceived same group], I’m not sure what the plan is to end it. Other than policies, social media activism, etc.

Also, not to put to fine a point on the obvious, but how does anyone [in America] differentiate between straight white men and jewish men? Am I missing something? Jews that have succeeded radically in America have done so precisely because they could pass. [actually, this is an inappropriate use of the term passing, but I’m at a loss for word that sums up Jews being somewhat accepted as white people.]

I’ll leave alone Jewish politics on this matter, in which Jews differentiate among themselves.


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